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Improve Hand Hygiene with Sanitizers & Handsoaps

In 2015, headlines across the country focused on outbreaks of norovirus on cruise lines and E. Coli at Chipotle. These stories, plus the annual flu season scares, highlight the importance of practicing good hand hygiene, but compliance rates still remain low. So low in fact, that infection prevention consultant Darrel Hicks calls it “abysmal.” That assessment is echoed... Read More

Tackling Restroom Odors with the Right Janitorial Supplies in St. Paul

Keeping your restrooms as clean as possible shows your guests that you value their business. Dirty restrooms can quickly send customers packing, and nothing says “dirty” like an unpleasant aroma wafting through the air. Even if the rest of the restroom is spotless, the stench of urine sends the message that the space is unclean, unsanitary and unhealthy. What... Read More