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Tackling Restroom Odors with the Right Janitorial Supplies in St. Paul

Keeping your restrooms as clean as possible shows your guests that you value their business. Dirty restrooms can quickly send customers packing, and nothing says “dirty” like an unpleasant aroma wafting through the air. Even if the rest of the restroom is spotless, the stench of urine sends the message that the space is unclean, unsanitary and unhealthy.

What causes the smell?

The urine smell that plagues many restrooms is caused by a few different factors. First of all, urine is a waste product that contains various components, including salts, proteins, nitrogen components and fatty acids. These components have their own odors, and when urine ends up some place other than the toilet bowl, it acts as a food for different types of bacteria. These organisms feed on the urine’s components, creating byproducts like ammonia compounds and hydrogen sulfide. These components are actually what overpower the nose and cause the restroom to stink.

How do I stop the odor?

Spraying fragrances into the air will mask odors, but it won’t eliminate them. If you want to control odors and stop them from returning, you have to tackle them at the source. This means using a product that actually breaks down the odor-causing urine, like a specialized urine remover. The hydrogen peroxide in the solution actually removes uric acid crystals that cause a stench, and it even tackles stains so your restroom looks as good as it smells.

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